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Mutual Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Adjoining Landowners

Adjoining land owners carry certain mutual rights, duties and liabilities.  A land owner is expected to use their property reasonably without injuring the rights of the adjoining land owner[i].  The enjoyment should not unreasonably interfere or disturb the rights of adjoining landholders or create a private nuisance[ii].  Thus, a land owner can use his/her property according to his/her will upon the condition that such use will not injure any adjoining landowner.

A land owner is relieved from liability for injuries caused to an adjoining owner if the land owner makes a “reasonable use” of his/her property. However, the rule which allows a person to use his/her own property in such a manner to cause injury to another’s property without any liability will be narrowly limited and carefully defined[iii].

A landowner’s use of his/her property becomes unreasonable and unlawful if it constitutes an appropriation of the adjoining land and if it deprives the reasonable enjoyment of the adjoining owner of his/her property to a material degree[iv].

If the acts of a landowner are within his/her legal rights, the motives that compel him/her to do certain things on his/her own land is immaterial[v].  At the same time, a landowner does not have the right to relieve his/her own property of an adverse condition by causing a similar condition on the land of a neighbor.

All property owned and used are subjected to the laws of the land[vi].

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